Kiara Muka

Paralegal in LexLegal’s office

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Kiara Muka

Kiara Muka works as a paralegal in LexLegal’s office since 2019. She is graduated from the faculty of Law, at University of Tirana, Albania and holds a degree in Master of Science in Civil Law. Kiara expresses her continuous interest in the field of law through the creation of various scientific articles published in national and foreign scientific journals.

Moreover, she has participated in the monitoring process of the Justice Reform at the Criminal Court for Serious Crimes of Tirana in the period February 2019-July 2020.

She is an experienced paralegal in bailiff's matters, NGO matters and she is as well an active citizen in many project implementation from organizations and internships at European bodies’ such as OSCE etc.

As the Office Immigration Expert she is responsible for matters relating to the law of foreigners, asylum, etc. The implementation of legal and administrative procedures for the recruitment of foreigners in the Republic of Albania and in the Republic of Kosovo has long been part of the scope of our office, and Kiara through her precise knowledge and skills, carries out these procedures in a very short period of time. These procedures include the assurance of the work permit, visas, residence permit etc.

She understands and faces the daring challenges surrounding the migration cases based in national and international legislation. Dedicated, concise, correct and sharp. These words best describe Kiara and her professional skills.

Ms. Muka can be reached by phone at +35542234022 or by e-mail at [email protected]